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12 reasons for digital nomads – remote workers to choose Syros island

Syros can be a really attractive destination for digital nomads and remote workers. With a strategic location in the heart of the Aegean, one of the 24 inhabited islands of the Cyclades, is ready to meet the needs of these new teleworking tourists.

The reasons for an aspiring digital nomads – remote workers to choose the island of Syros are not a few.

  1. Services. It is the capital of the Cyclades and the base of the South Aegean Region. It hosts public services, banks, courts and a significant number of businesses.
  2. Education. It covers the educational needs of primary and secondary school students, while it also hosts the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering of the University of the Aegean. There are more than 600 students living on the island.
  1. Medical Care. It has a fully equipped hospital, an Intensive Care Unit and an operating basis of National Emergency Aid Centre. It also supports daily air travel, when required, to major hospitals in Athens. There is no criminality, while policing is thorough. During the pandemic (covid 19) there were only a few cases.
  1. Beautiful place. Island with a special beauty, steep terrain, golden beaches and crystal clear waters. The north side is protected as a Natura area. Virgin landscape, rocky shores, dry stones and views of the endless blue.
  2. Architectural interest. The capital, Ermoupolis, a unique example of neoclassical architecture, is designated a World Heritage Site by the Council of Europe. It shapes the unique character of the island and its special identity.
  1. Easy access. Syros has a frequent ferry connection with the country’s capital and other Aegean ports. It also has air connection with Athens and Thessaloniki throughout the whole year. Τop rated properties for digital nomads in Syros
  2. Fast internet. Fast and stable internet is a prerequisite for remote workers and digital nomads. Telecommunications infrastructure is able to meet the growing connectivity needs. It is based on an integrated network with full coverage, which offers fast internet speeds.
  1. Nice weather. It has an ideal climate. The hot weather and sunshine make it perfect for outdoor activities and swimming in the sea during most of the year.
  1. Culture – Sports Culture is an element of everyday life. Music associations, art groups, theatrical groups, sport clubs, international art festivals, wine and culinary activities, bring youth and vividness to the island, during both winter and summer.
  2. Hospitality. Syros is a place that provides security to the visitor. You’ll be embraced with a feeling of hospitality and warmth and offered a high level quality of life.
  1. Low living cost. The cost of living is relatively low. The inhabitants of the island seek the development of their place while realizing the value of the measure. They protect the environment and respect its valuable and limited resources.
  1. Low taxation. Tax incentives are introduced by the state in order to attract digital nomads in the country. According to legislation, a special tax regime is provided along with the issuance of a “digital visa” for those who choose to stay in Greece for teleworking.

For all the reasons listed above, if you are a digital nomad or remote worker, it’s worth choosing the island of Syros as your place of work and residence.

You will have the opportunity, without seasonality criteria, to have fun, enjoy the sun and the sea, live as a local and interact with the people of the island in a unique experience.

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