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Ceramics Experience

Experiences to Visitors Related to Pottery & Ceramics
Ages 13 or above
Ages 2 to 12
Under 2 years

Its the third season in a row we offer experiences to visitors related to pottery and ceramics

We have a variety of proposals for all type of groups and available time

According to our artistic residency program, some workshops are run by famous ceramic artists

There are different venues according to the technique performed

Custom made experiences and classes can be arranged upon request

Prior booking (at least 2-3 days before) is needed

  • The group (3-6 persons) will create under our guidance with simple technique such as pinching, coil building, kurinuki.
  • 4 hours of creativity (usually 10-2) will be followed by 1 – 1:30 hour of lunch , vegetarian oriented with local ingredients. (Please inform us for allergies etc)
  • The items will be fired and glazed by us in our workshop (10-15 days) and can be send to the creators (by their own shipping expenses)
  • Venue can be either the downtown workshop or the Apano Meria Yard
  • The group again can be 3-6 persons.
  • For this technique the pieces are already made and bisque fired (simple bowls).
  • There is an introduction about Raku history and philosophy.
  • The visitors will glaze their pieces and put them in the special raku kiln.
  • As we wait for the kiln to reach temperature we have again the vegetarian lunch.
  • When the kiln is ready we take out the pieces, put them on sawdust and then in cold water to achieve raku effect
  • The objects are ready to go!
  • Venue: Apano Meria Yard
  • Not ideal for children since there is fire included
Raku Firing
Raku Firing
  • A 3hr seminar for up to 2 persons (2 wheels available)
  • Basic introduction to wheel throwing
  • Items will be fired and glazed within 15 days
  • They can be sent to creators (shipping charges not included)
  • Venue: Downtown workshop
Private wheel throwing class
  • 3 hrs class, for up to 6 persons (to share the 2 wheels)
  • Basic introduction to wheelthrowing
  • Items will be fired and glazed within 15 days
  • They can be sent to creators (shipping charges not included)
  • Venue: Downtown workshop
Wheel experience
  • 3hrs class for 3-8 persons
  • You can paint on an already made ceramic item (mug, plate bowl)
  • We guide you through with the special colours
  • We glaze your item and fire it
  • Item ready within 48-72hrs
  • Venue: downtown workshop
Ceramics decoration class
Ceramics decoration class
  • Available upon request 15 days earlier
  • 2hrs class for 3-8 persons
  • Introduction to the history of Bucchero technique
  • You polish and decorate an already made item that is fired by this special technique
  • Items are ready with 24hrs
  • Venue: Apano Meria yard
Etruscan bucchero technique
  • 1/2 day ceramics experience             70€/person
  • 1/2 day experience Raku Firing        80€/person
  • Private wheel throwing class             80€/person
  • Wheel experience                                 50€/person
  • Ceramics decoration class                  70€/person
  • Etruscan bucchero technique            80€/person