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Pistachio nuts harvest experiencse

Pistachio nuts harvest

Going Nuts for pistachio nuts

Experience hosted by Anassa Cycladic Village

Duration as per request – Hosted in English
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Going Nuts for pistachio nuts

Culture, accommodation, culinary, gastronomy, wine, workshops, community, nature

100€ /person including accommodation


Duration: as per request

StartsUpon request

Location: Galissas Syros

Contact with Anassa Cycladic Village

Mobile: +30 6980114240


What you'll do

At the end of August, join us during harvest. Our pistachio nuts harvest vacations are only available for a few weeks from end of August to September during the harvesting season and it is an ideal opportunity to join us either during the pistachio nuts picking or combine it with accommodation for a different kind of end of summer holiday.

The pistachio will fall off the tree when the branches are given a sharp shake.A rubber mallet hitting a branch, a fist or mechanical shaker can be used (we use a semi mechanical shaker). We pull out tarps under the tree so we can catch the nuts, the tarp is then rolled up into the picker, and off to the next tree.

Once the pistachios are dried (roasted), they will keep very well if just a few precautions are taken.In general, a low temperature will prolong the storage life of the pistachio.A cool pantry, the refrigerator or freezer are all good storage.

What is included

• A couple of hours of pistachio picking every other day are followed by picnics under the trees, or in our shaded areas
• Accommodation in our Cycladic bungalows
• Greek Breakfast•Cheese, wine and honey tasting sessions
• Visits to artisan producers
• Giveaway bag with local delicacies

What is not included

Meet your host

anassa cycladic village

At Anassa Cycladic Village, the core of our philosophy is that we are a family run village. We are a family of romantics, dreamers, engineers,  travellers, sailsmen, designers, architects and amateur cooks, book lovers , fun loving, loud, nature lovers and  gardeners.

We decided to bring our passions, crafts, skills and knowledge together into this project that we designed and built ourselves step by step, tree by tree with lots of effort and love.

Born and raised by the Aegean Sea, we all travelled the world for our studies, adventures and work. Our common love for our island, for Cycladic life and history, nature and hospitality brought us together again to fulfill our childhood dream to create a sustainable community that will grow and grow and grow for generations to come.

At Anassa Cycladic Village you are treated as family, because there is no business like family business!

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