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Two Airbnb superhosts of Syros recommend you

Anna and Thanos two of the island’s most experienced hosts suggest…


To make your vacation easier and more pleasant here are some proposals for places, restaurants and bars you can visit on our beautiful island.

To begin with…let’s eat…

Hermoupolis can offer you a variety of traditional Greek taverns and gourmet restaurants.


Mirsini’s tavern in the port is a good suggestion offering delicious traditional food in very good prices.

“Amvix“, Roberto’s Italian restaurant, also in the port, though not Greek his Italian traditional recipies will make you really happy too.

“Stin Ithaki tou Ai”, in a beautiful alley full of colorful bougamvilleas located behind Hermoupolis footpath.

“Seariani fish and more”, 4 Sofokleous str in the center of Hermoupolis. Sea food menu, exclusively.


“Mazi” restaurant in Miaoulis square for delicious brunch, lunch and dinner, located in a magic garden in the heart of Hermoupolis.

“Avant Garden”, opposite Apollon theatre. Very beautiful place with delicious menu.

“Peri Tinos” restaurant, in front of the sailing boats in Hermoupolis harbour.

To continue eating, let’s go to our beautiful seaside villages…

“Allou Yialou” in Kini beach is one of our strong recommendations. With many awards and a magical sunset.

“Iliovasilema” restaurant in Galissas beach, our second strong recommendation for a stunning food experience. Many awards and special dishes of all kinds.

“Fetouri” restaurant in Poseidonia. Set by the beach, the restaurant offers a menu based on the staples of Greek cuisine with a modern twist and amazing sea views.

“Ora Baresto” restaurant, also in Foinikas, literally located in front of the sea.

“Achladi restaurant” in Achladi beach. Located on the sand in a very peaceful and romantic environment.

“Tzitzikia” tavern, also in Kini beach for traditional tastes. Combines traditional sea food and meat recipies.

Mitsos, in Alithini, exquisite view and specially recommended for meat lovers.

“Ligeros tavern” in Ligero village, Apano Meria area. Apano Meria is the island’s northern part, and one of the most beautiful as it’s opposite Tinos and Andros islands with very few traditional constructions.

“Bollas” restaurant in Vari beach. Literally located on the sand, family friendly!

“O Kontos” tavern, for traditional tastes in Azolimnos beach, with a big variety of sea food and meat dishes.

We believe food is enough…let’s go to our beach bars…

Ono concept all day beach bar in Agathopes village. Strongly recommended as well since it’s one of the most beautiful beach bars in Cyclades.

Ciel beach bar in Hermoupolis, you can’t miss that as it’s located in Vaporia area, one of the island’s most beautiful locations. The view of our world known new classical buildings as well as St. Nikolas church (one of the biggest and most beautiful churches in Greece) are going to offer you some of your best memories.

Finally, it’s time to have a drink or cocktail…

Theosis cocktail bar in Ano Syros, our first recommendation as it’s located in our traditional Catholic heal. Ano Syros is the island’s oldest part built in such a way as to protect its habitants from pirates.

“Porte Galleria del cocktail” in Hermoupolis, a beautiful all-day bar in an even more beautiful new classical building.

“Mammo” all day bar in Hermoupolis harbor.

“Suerte” bar also in Hermoupolis harbor, for those who like dancing while having their drinks.

“BaoBab” in Finikas village, located next to a sailing boats harbor.

“Barrio” bar in Miaoulis square. Very good music in a nice atmosphere on Miaoulis square.

You can be easily transferred to all of the above by taxi, bus and of course car or motor bike rental.

We wouldn’t like to make you feel tired so we believe that’s enough…

Have a very very good time and enjoy yourselves!!

We are sure you are going to come back soon…!!

P.S Our island has got a great range of activities having to do with wine tasting, boat excursions, hiking, workshops, city tours, sightseeing. All of the above can be easily found in

Anna’s and Thano’s Top 10

  1. Ono (the most beautiful part of the island)
  2. Ciel (Evening Cocktail)
  3. Allou Yialou (Dinner at Sunset)
  4. Theosis (cocktail after the afternoon stroll in Ano Syros)
  5. Porte (Cocktail after Dinner in Hermoupolis)
  6. BaoBab (Breakfast & Coffee)
  7. Barrio (nice music with drink)
  8. Mammo (Chicken Salad & Wine)
  9. Mitsos (lunch food for meat eaters)
  10. Amvix (excellent pasta, pizzas and salads)

Anna is the owner of Lalari suites while Thanos owns travel office

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